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  • Rust Server Wiper
    1.x Rust Server Wiper
    With this Pterodactyl addon you can schedule rust wipes for your servers.
    • UndercoverNL
    • Updated:
  • Rust Plugin Installer
    1.x Rust Plugin Installer
    With this Pterodactyl addon you can easily install and remove rust plugins for your rust servers.
    • UndercoverNL
    • Updated:
  • Staff Permissions (Client Side)
    1.x Staff Permissions (Client Side)
    With this addon you can give your staff permissions on the client side.
    • UndercoverNL
    • Updated:
  • Recycle Bin
    1.x Recycle Bin
    Restore deleted files from your file manager.
    • UndercoverNL
    • Updated:
  • Auto Suspension
    1.x Auto Suspension
    With this Pterodactyl addon you can set an expiration date for all your servers!
    • UndercoverNL
    • Updated:

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